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You Are Brave
Editor's Note

Volume 1 Issue 1 Fall-Winter 2014
By Madison Monroe, Editor

Madison Monroe, Brave Magazine EditorThat was the consensus when volleying around an idea for a publication by Arkansas Flag and Banner. It is a universal human virtue.

There is not one person you see, know or hear about who doesn’t have a story of bravery. You do too. Sometimes we just don’t recognize it in ourselves.

Think about any crossroad or decision in your life…when you made that step, it took bravery. It is brave to change jobs, to make a commitment to another person, to face your fears, to make a large purchase, to admit you were wrong and so on.

We each are brave every single day and at Flag and Banner we made a conscious, and maybe a little risky, decision to honor that. That is how this magazine came to be.

Our purpose in this issue is to showcase courage through a variety of stories. Also included are coming events, recipes, a hunting calendar for Arkansas, and even a little bit of business advice from our publisher.

The cover story “Brave Dream” takes a deeper look at one determined woman’s 20-year dream of restoring life and grandeur to Taborian Hall. which houses the Dreamland Ballroom. With diligence and persistence, Kerry McCoy has overcome many obstacles of restoring an important national landmark to its former glory.

We hope this magazine will inspire you to celebrate your own bravery and challenge you to recognize it in others.

My Best Regards,

Madison Monroe
Brave Magazine Editor brave flag

BRAVE MEANING: noun: brave | 1.a brave person. | 2.to meet or face courageously:to brave misfortunes. | 3.to defy; challenge | 4.ready to face and endure danger or pain 

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