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The Youngest Pup Jack McCoy with Rose

Volume 7 Issue 2 Fall-Winter 2020
By Kerry McCoy, Publisher


Who would have thought that in January, when I was renovating the carriage house in my backyard, it would soon be occupied by my youngest son Jack, forced to move home from college because of a world-wide pandemic?

After a month of isolation in Ohio, where Jack is getting his PhD in horticulture, he packed up the car and drove home. He reasoned since all his studies were being conducted online, he could be anywhere and continue his doctorate. He ended up studying and participating in conference calls sitting at a desk at FlagandBanner.com. All of my children were now at the office, working at one thing or another.

However, he wasn’t the only one at the desk. Laying quietly by his feet was a dog.
When he arrived in Little Rock, he announced he was thinking of adopting a dog from a shelter. On the dog's first day with Jack, he renamed her “Rose,” a nod to his love of horticulture. After two days of unconditional love and constant companionship from Jack, she began to come out of her shell. The day the adoption was finalized, Rose rubbed the side of her face, like a cat, all over Jack’s whole body, caressing as best she could his arms, legs, face, neck and sides to show her appreciation for her rescue from the shelter.

The daily dog walks have been great for Jack, relieving stress from his intense PhD studies. Service to another living thing will pull you out of yourself faster than just about anything else. In the age of Covid-19 and social distancing, nothing beats coming home to a tail-wagging, so-happy-to-see-you greeting from a dog you saved and that, you could say, saved you. brave flag

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