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Evelyn Pittman, What I did this summerWhat I Did This Summer

Volume 7 Issue 2 Fall-Winter 2020
By Evelyn Pittman

An original Evelyn Pittman drawing of the FlagandBanner.com buildingT

his summer was a bit different because of the pandemic happening currently. Everyone is quarantining and is supposed to be staying home and only going out when absolutely needed. A good chunk of my school year happened to be canceled because of Covid-19, so I had to do some online learning. After school was over though, I had nothing else to worry about doing. I sat around the house for most of the time and played video games, read, wrote or did some art. I personally had a great time, but I wasn’t getting out of the house much. My grandmother then asked if I wanted to work for her—and I did! It helped me to get out of the house and learn several important skills I could use later in life. I learned about how offices work, and how many steps go into one order someone makes. There were a lot more components to taking in the order than confirming it and then shipping it off. I also learned about terms like drop shipping and purchase orders.

Another good skill I learned while being at Flag and Banner is the ability to take in a large amount of information and redo a task over and over again. I also did a little bit of filing while I was there, and I learned how files should be put in and how they’re separated. Learning about working environments, and being in one, really helped me understand what working in an office building would be like; and that’s gonna be useful for the rest of my life, whether I get an office job or I find a job where working with others is needed. My brother also worked with me as well, but he worked in shipping instead. He made boxes and moved stuff and added labels to stuff. Overall working for my grandmother was a great learning experience and I appreciate that I had the opportunity to learn these important skills! brave flag

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