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What is Brave?

Volume 7 Issue 1 Spring-Summer 2020
By Arwen Dover, Editor's Assistant

When you hear the word Brave, what is the first thing that pops in your head? A fireman running into A woman with capea burning building to save someone or a soldier fighting against an enemy for their country? Those acts are indeed brave, though they aren’t the only forms of bravery.

America’s Brave Start

When I sit and think on the subject, my imagination gets a little carried away. I think of the pilgrims leaving their homes in the only country they had ever known, to sail across the ocean and start over in a foreign land. How scared they must have been! Their act of bravery sprouted the seeds of change and forged the way for a new country to rise.

I think of the founding fathers - their brave act of rebellion and the stress that must have weighed on their hearts every day as they discussed and debated the new tenants of this country. Knowing their actions would either be a saving grace for many or an act of treason that would doom them and allow this new country to be overtaken once again, they must have struggled with the overwhelming task of “getting it right.” How brave their act of rebellion was for the good of the people.

American’s Brave Character

I think of those who have lost loved ones. The pain and heartache they work through just to make it through a single day. Each morning that they rise from bed is an act of bravery for them. 

I recall moving to a new state and taking a new job and how afraid I was. I adopted a “one day at a time” attitude determined to learn and grow until the time came when I was confident enough to work my way up the ladder. My personal bravery was overcoming fear. How many people let their fears dictate their lives? I wish them courage to keep moving forward.

I recognize that being brave isn’t just being heroic. Bravery is facing the day without showing fear. Bravery is showing courage in seemingly impossible situations. And bravery is necessary for change. I feel confident the world will be all right, if we each just show a bit of bravery every day. brave flag

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