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What’s Your Message?

Volume 5 Issue 2 Fall-Winter 2018-19
By Madison Monroe


Subliminal advertising works. It has been used since movie concession sales increased when a picture of popcorn was embedded in the trailers before the feature film. When you Google up subliminal advertising you will be shocked at the images our brain sees that go unnoticed by our eyes.

The word ‘MoM’ is in the lace collar of the Wendy’s mascot. What makes you feel more loyal and nurtured than Mom? The Amazon logo goes from ‘a’ to ‘z’ with a smile. They want to project that they have us covered. The white space in the middle of the FedEx logo points the way forward. There are so many more examples (and some very suggestive).

So, given that advertising works and subliminal advertising creates a feeling, how can you use this knowledge to your advantage? When you want to convey the message of business stability and permanence, a flagpole says it all. Think about it. Do you ever see flagpoles at strip mall businesses? No. The reason is that those businesses are transient. Space comes up for rent all the time in strip malls. Many businesses that rent those spaces come and go and consumers accept that exchange of permanence for the benefit of convenience.

However, if you are a business that relies on or wants to create consumer confidence, a flagpole delivers. Businesses do not invest in a flagpole unless they are there to stay. Flagpoles literally ‘dig in’ a business. Having a flagpole aligns you with traditional American values. It gives a sense of longevity and anchors your business to the community. It says you will be around to keep your promises.

Think about the car dealerships that install enormous flagpoles. They do it to reinforce credibility. It subliminally tells the buyer, “If you buy your car here, the service department will be around to take care of you as long as you own the vehicle.” The  salesman never has to drive that point home, the flagpole offers the visual assurance that the business is there to stay.

What message does your business convey? 

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