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Memories: Yesterday's Wisdom

Volume 5 Issue 1 Spring-Summer 2018
By Kerry McCoy
Brave Publisher

Sara KrouseHaving recently lost my mother, who mentored me when I started this company, I began to reminisce about the early days when she was coaching me make those initial crucial decisions. It made me think about the differences in attitude of where I came from and where I am now in my life.

I was a kid when I started this business. All I wanted to do was make money. I really wasn’t old enough and didn't have enough life experience to be patriotic. Flags were a means to an end for me.

My mother and father had a different take on my budding new business. They were old enough to have experienced World War II, where they both answered the call of duty. They lived through a couple more wars, the Great Depression, many presidential elections, prosperous times and trying times, the Civil Rights movement and the Women’s Rights movement. They were well-versed in the values of America, developed from service and sacrifice. And they were proud that I started this company.

They say in the end, we all become our parents…and as I have aged, I am proud to say that, indeed, I have developed respect, borne of years, for our flag. Volatile politics always create a surge in sales, but I have learned to align the company with patriotism and all the virtues that word entails. Sacrifice, respect for others, honor, integrity and courage to do the right thing-those are the attributes of our founding fathers, and those are attributes to which we should all aspire.

Politicians come and go, but American values are timeless. I am proud to be associated with the symbol of those values, our great American flag. brave flag

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