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gonfalon banners, podium banners, ceremonial banners

The Ceremonial Gonfalon is a heraldic banner that is often pointed (shield) or swallow-tailed. Gonfalons are made to be suspended from a cross bar on a presentation pole or hanging from a podium. They can be made of digitally-printed nylon, appliqued on nylon, or by our preferred choice of dye-sublimated poplin. A gonfalon style banner is popular among universities, churches and public speaking events to display corporate logos on the front of the podium. Add one of our Pole Kits for Ceremonial Banner to complete the look. Vector artwork is required. Click here for our graphic art requirements.

Gonfalon pricing varies by complexity of design, technique and/or fabrics used. Get a FREE online quote now or call our experts at 1.800.445.0653.

Before deciding on your banner size, consider your flagpole setup. Typically, the bigger the room, the taller the pole. You want your display to look regal and elegant. Using a smaller flagpole in a big room, makes your display look inadequate. However, using a flagpole that is too tall for a small room looks disjointed. To get an idea of how your display will look, experiment with people and objects of varying heights. Stand at the back of your venue and observe how they look.

Don’t forget to take ceiling heights and stages into consideration. You want enough room between the ornament on top of the pole and the ceiling. Not enough space above the ornament and you will either scrape the ceiling or not be able to place the pole in the base.

Once you have determined your pole height, it’s time to think about your banner.

Pick your banner size from our recommended flag sizes:

  • 2 ft. x 3 ft. flag with the 6 ft. and 7ft. pole
  • 2 ft. x 4 ft. to 3 ft. x 5 ft. flag with the 7 ft. and 8 ft. pole
  • 4 ft. x 6 ft. flag with the 9 ft. or 12 ft. pole
  • Or create your own size!

What shape do you want your banner? Swallow-tail and shield are most common. The most popular is a combination of swallowtail and shield.

Applique or printed? This really is up to you and your preferences. Applique may cost more but it does look beautiful.

Will the pole be carried in ceremoniously? Be sure to practice ahead of time with the people carrying your banners.

Religious ceremony? Top your pole with a topper that really accentuates your banner. We offer the standard ornaments to religious icons such as crosses and the Star of David.

To fringe or not to fringe? You don't have to add fringe, but it does look pretty. We have several colors to choose from.

Do you need to store your display? Ask about a storage bag for your poles and banners.

Click here for a free quote!

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