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What makes a banner expert? We have been making custom banners since 1975 for individuals, schools and businesses. At FlagandBanner.com you get a variety of banner techniques, materials, styles and sizes to choose from. Tell us your needs, your usage, your time frame and any other particulars, and let us tell you what would work for you. Things to consider before calling or emailing our experts: size, quantity, design, indoor or outdoor usage, how you would like to display it, and your time frame.

To easily compare the different printing methods and decide what is best for your particular project, download our Custom Banner Comparison Chart. (You'll need Adobe Acrobat to view.)

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Custom Simple Appliqué Banners

custom applique banner, simple applique banner 

We are one of the few companies still offering the appliqué process. Each Appliquéd Flags design is hand cut and sewn on the front and back creating a mirror image on the back. This elegant quilt-like process is best for small-run orders or banners too large for digital printing. Design must be solid colors with simple graphics and/or fonts. Vector artwork is required. Click here for graphic art requirements. Colors must be chosen from our stock nylon color chart. Click here for our nylon color chart.

For appliquè pricing call 1.800.445.0653. 

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Custom Commercial Grade Vinyl Banners

commercial grade vinyl banners, heavy duty vinyl banners

Single sided Commercial Grade Vinyl Banners come in all shapes and sizes. They can be displayed vertically or horizontally. These banners are commonly seen at museums, movie theaters and convention centers. Banners are digitally printed in the USA! Need advice? Call our experts for your particular application or event at 1.800.445.0653. Made in USA!

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Custom Single Sided Mesh Vinyl Banners

mesh banners, custom mesh banners

Custom Single Sided Mesh Vinyl Banners come in all shapes and sizes. They can be displayed vertically or horizontally. The 9 oz. mesh vinyl is perfect for high wind areas. Mesh banners are commercial-grade vinyl banners but with tiny holes. If high winds or wind tunnels are an issue, or if you’re spanning a large area, we highly recommend this option to decrease your likeliness of hardware and installation failure. These banners are commonly seen at large events, conventions, and city usage. Banners are digitally printed in the USA! Need advice? Call our experts for your particular application or event at 1.800.445.0653. Made in USA!

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Custom Self-Adhesive Window Scrim Banners

scrim banners, custom window banners

Your windows are free real estate for advertising! This amazing transparent window scrim material adheres and removes easily from glass, allowing you to see out and those outside to see your advertising. Your image is digitally printed. Average price is $15 per sq. ft. Quantity pricing is available. Call 1.800.445.0653 to get your project started. Made in USA!

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Custom Fast and Affordable Vinyl Banners

fast banners, custom fast and affordable banners

Exactly what the title says. Our fastest and most affordable option: a single-sided, text only durable, white vinyl banner with 5 brass grommets for hanging anywhere. No set up and priced per banner. Call 1.800.445.0653 or use our handy Quote Request Form. Available in 3 ft. x 6 ft. or 3 ft. x 8 ft. Made in USA!

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Custom Parade Banners

parade banners, custom parade banners

Mark the Time and March the Line!

Marching band, club and organization parade banners identify your band, club, organization or group during parades. Often photographed, these banners help build recognition during parades and events. Available in appliqué nylon, digital polyester or printed vinyl. These banners are custom made in the USA and will last many years to come.

Custom made just for you, we can help you decide exactly what kind of banner you need. 

Please submit your art via email at sales@flagandbanner.com with your order number. When submitting artwork always send vector format for best results.  (Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, etc.)

Or you can submt your FREE custom quote request online and upload an example of your artwork.

Don't forget to get your crossbars, lead poles and parade accessories as well.

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Custom Street Pole Banners

street pole banners, custom pole banners, light pole banners

Custom Street Pole Banners (aka light pole banners) are popular for a reason; they attract attention and are decorative and informative. If you want to give your town, shopping center or school a face lift, banners are an affordable option to consider when putting commercial grade vinyl or screen printed woven acrylic canvas material. Quantity pricing is available. Made in USA!

Woven acrylic canvas can only be screen printed and pricing is based on the number of colors and intricacy of the design. Contact our experts at 1.800.445.0653 or email sales@flagandbanner.com for a quote.

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Stock Street Pole Banners

street pole banners, stock pole banners, light pole banners

Buy Stock Street Pole Banners and customize to suit your needs. Start a year-round banner program with more than 170 stock banners to choose from. Street Pole Banners capture the attention of drivers and bring cohesiveness to walk-about shopping areas or neighborhoods. You don't have to start from scratch, all of our stock designs can be customized just add your name, date, festival, logo or whatever you want to any of our banners and presto! You have your own custom banner. Our stock banners are made with commercial grade vinyl. They are printed on front and back and finished with a pole hem on top and bottom. Made in USA! Set up fee included in prices! Click here to shop our stock street pole banners.

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Custom Gonfalons

gonfalon banners, podium banners, ceremonial banners

The Gonfalon is a heraldic banner that is often pointed or swallow-tailed. They can be suspended from a cross bar on a presentation pole. They can be made of digitally-printed nylon or dye-sublimated poplin. A gonfalon style banner is popular among universities, churches and public speaking events to display corporate logos on the front of the podium. Add one of our Pole Kits for Ceremonial Banner to complete the look. Vector artwork is required. Click here for our graphic art requirements.

Gonfalon pricing varies by complexity of design, technique and/or fabrics used. Get a
FREE online quote now or call our experts at 1.800.445.0653.

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Custom Barricade Banners

Custom Barricade Banners

Barricade Banners make the most use of your space at your venue, event, restaurant, school or downtown areas!

  • Crowd control with branding opportunities
  • Great for giving directions or information
  • Advertising your brand or event
  • Decorating your outdoor retail space
  • Perfect to line parade or marathon routes
  • Easy to attach and remove with Velcro™ sides

The barricade banner pictured is 32 in. x 74 in. x 2in. The double sided design is printed in full color on vinyl.

Call one of our experts today to place your order 1.800.445.0653 or get a free quote now!

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Custom Breakaway Banners

Breakaway Banner

Who doesn't love to run through a Breakaway Banner? Answer: anyone over 25. No seriously, every team should have one to start the game. We make it affordable with these vinyl banners that have a Velcro seam so they are reusable all season long. Hardest part is keeping up with where you stored them from game to game. Each banner has pole hems on the side and grommets for versatility. Ready to purchase? Click here and get started. Not ready yet? Talk to your committee then give us a call, we can talk you through your hardware options. Or use our Free Quote Request for your specific needs.

Breakaway banners are also called run through banners, bust out banners and break through banners. Made in the USA.

Please submit your art via email at sales@flagandbanner.com with your order number. When submitting artwork always send vector format for best results. (Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, etc.)

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Want to see the quality custom banners we have designed for others? Check out our portfolio.


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