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Flags and Banners

Have you been asking yourself, where can I find college football flags, the American flagflags of all countries, or religious flags? Look no further, we have them all!

FlagandBanner.com is also a manufacturer of custom flags and banners for all of your advertising and decorating needs.

Types of Flags and Banners:


Custom Flags for Work, School, Sport
Indoors or out. We can work with your design, your quantity needs and your budget for a flag you can be proud of. For more information on custom printed banners see our Custom Portfolio. Or, contact one of our consultants to get started today - 1.800.445.0653
  Flags all countires, American flag, Where can I find college football flags
Flags all countries, American flag, Where can I find college football flagsThe Culpeper Flag & Other Historical Flags
The fascinating thing about flags are the stories and history they tell. For instance, the Culpeper flag was used by the Culpeper Minute Men during the Revolutionary War. History has it that the rattlesnake on the flag represented vigilance. It is also said the rattlesnake never begins an attack but, once aroused, it never surrenders.

Shop our historical flags to find juicy history tidbits.
Flags all countries, American flag, Where can I find college football flagsWhen Should I Fly My American Flag?
The flag should be displayed on all days and especially on:

New Year's Day
January 1
Labor Day
first Monday in
Inauguration Day
January 20
Patriot Day
September 11
Lincoln's Birthday
February 12
Constitution Day
September 17
Washington's Birthday
third Monday in
Columbus Day
second Monday in
Easter Sunday
Navy Day
October 27
Mother's Day
second Sunday in May
Veterans Day
November 11
Armed Forces Day
third Saturday in May
Thanksgiving Day
fourth Thursday in
Memorial Day
(half-staff until noon),
the last Monday in May
Christmas Day
December 25
Flag Day
June 14
Birthdays of States
(the date of admission)
Independence Day
July 4
State holidays
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