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New Hampshire State Flags & Banners

New Hampshire State Flags & Banners available in all sizes in nylon and polyester.
New Hampshire is the 9th state of the United States, located in the New England region. The state was named after the southern English county of Hampshire. New Hampshire was the first to declare its independence from Mother England -- a full six months before the Declaration of Independence was signed. This state also goes by the name The Granite State.
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Information and history of the state of New Hampshire

English and French explorers visited New Hampshire in 1600–1605, and English fishermen settled at Odiorne's Point in present-day Rye in 1623. The first permanent settlement was at Hilton's Point.

New Hampshire was one of the thirteen colonies that rebelled against British rule during the American Revolution. By the time of the American Revolution.

New Hampshire became the first of the British North American colonies to establish a government independent of Great Britain's authority in January 1776, and six months later was one of the original 13 states that founded the United States of America. In June 1788, it became the ninth state to ratify the United States Constitution, bringing that document into effect. New Hampshire was the first U.S. state to have its own state constitution.

Some New Hampshire Symbols

1. State Bird 2. State Mammal 3. State Flower 4. State Gem 5. State Insect
6. State Tree 7. State Amphibian 8. State Fruit 9. State Fish 10. State Rock
  1. Purple Finch - Nevada designated the mountain bluebird as the official state bird in 1967.
  2. White-Tailed Deer- New Hampshire designated the white-tailed deer as state animal in 1983.
  3. Purple Lilac - New Hampshire designated the purple lilac as the official state flower in 1919.
  4. Smoky Quartz - New Hampshire designated smoky quartz as the official state gem in 1985. Quartz is a common mineral found in many types of rocks, including granite.
  5. Ladybug - New Hampshire designated the ladybug as the official state insect in 1977.
  6. White Birch - New Hampshire designated white birch as the official state tree in 1947.
  7. Spotted Newt -New Hampshire designated the spotted newt as the official state amphibian in 1985.
  8. Pumpkin - New Hampshire designated pumpkin as the official state fruit in 2006.
  9. Striped Bass - Striped bass was designated the official saltwater game fish of New Hampshire in 1994.
  10. Granite - New Hampshire designated granite as the offical state rock in 1985. "The Granite State" is also New Hampshire's official nickname.

Did you know?

  • New Hampshire's present constitution was adopted in 1784; it is the second oldest in the country.
  • New Hampshire is the only state that ever played host at the formal conclusion of a foreign war. In 1905, Portsmouth was the scene of the treaty ending the Russo-Japanese War.
  • In 1833 the first free public library in the United States was established in Peterborough.
  • Sarah Josepha Hale author and journalist who wrote the poem "Mary Had a Little Lamb" in 1830 is from Newport, New Hampshire.
  • New Hampshire's state motto is "Live Free or Die". The motto comes from a statement written by the Revolutionary General John Stark, hero of the Battle of Bennington.
  • The first potato planted in the United States was at Londonderry Common Field in 1719.
  • Captain John Smith named New Hampshire after the town of Hampshire, England.
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