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New York State Flags & Banners

New York State Flags & Banners available in all sizes in nylon and polyester.
New York, nicknamed The Empire State, was the 11th state to ratify the U.S. constitution. About one third of all the battles of the Revolutionary War took place in New York. Home of the populous New York City, New York state is the third most populated state in the United States. Although New York City is the largest city in New York and the United States at large, Albany remains the capital of the state.
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Information and history of the state of New York

Henry Hudson, an Englishman employed by the Dutch, reached the bay and sailed up the river now bearing his name in 1609, the same year that northern New York was explored and claimed for France by Samuel de Champlain.

In 1624 the first permanent Dutch settlement was established at Fort Orange. One year later Manhattan Island was purchased from the Indians and the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam was founded, which was later surrendered to the English in 1664.

New York was the 11th state to ratify the United States Constitution, on July 26, 1788. New York was the national capital under the new constitution until 1790 and was the site of the inauguration of President George Washington, the drafting of United States Bill of Rights, and the first session of the United States Supreme Court.

Some New York Symbols

1. State Bird 2. State Mammal 3. State Flower 4. State Gem 5. State Insect
6. State Tree 7. State Reptile 8. State Fruit 9. State Fish 10. State Nickname
  1. Eastern Bluebird -The Eastern bluebird was designated the State bird of New York in 1970. The bluebird's song is a rich warbling whistle broken into short phrases or a dry chatter.
  2. Beaver- The beaver was adopted as the State animal of New York in 1975.
  3. Rose - The rose was designated official state flower of New York in 1955. The rose has been around for about 35 million years and grows naturally throughout North America.
  4. Wine Red Garnet -The wine-red garnet was designated the State gem of New York in 1969.
  5. Ladybug - The Ladybug was designated the official state insect symbol of New York in 1989.
  6. Sugar Maple - The sugar maple was designated the state tree of New York in 1956. Sap from the trunks of sugar maples is used to make maple syrup.
  7. Snapping Turtle - The common snapping turtle was adopted as the State reptile of New York in 2006. Snapping turtles can live up to 60 years and are known for their fierce, menacing behavior.
  8. Apple - New York designated the apple as official state fruit in 1976. New York is the second largest apple producing state in the United States, averaging 25 million bushels of production annually.
  9. Brook Trout - The brook trout was designated official state fish of New York in 1975. Brook Trout live under water conditions that are cool, clean and pure.
  10. The Empire State - New York is nicknamed The Empire State for its national and global significance. The origin of the nickname is unknown - some sources credit George Washington, who referred to New York state in December 1784 as "at present the seat of the Empire."

Did you know?

  • New York City has 722 miles of subway track.
  • The New York Post was established in 1803 by Alexander Hamilton and is the oldest running newspaper in the United States.
  • The first capital of the United States was New York City. In 1789 George Washington took his oath as president on the balcony at Federal Hall.
  • The first presentation of 3D films before a paying audience took place at Manhattan's Astor Theater on June 10, 1915.
  • Sam Wilson, a meatpacker from Troy whose caricature Uncle Sam came to personify the United States is buried at Troy's Oakwood Cemetery. During the War of 1812, he stamped U.S. Beef on his products which soldiers interpreted the U.S. abbreviation as meaning Uncle Sam.
  • Gennaro Lombardi opened the first United States pizzeria in 1895 in New York City.
  • Joseph C. Gayetty of New York City invented toilet paper in 1857.
  • The Big Apple is a term coined by musicians meaning to play the big time.
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