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Pennsylvania State Flags & Banners

Pennsylvania State Flags & Banners available in all sizes in nylon and polyester.
Pennsylvania was one of the 13 original colonies and was the second to ratify the United States constitution on December 12, 1787. The first State Flag bearing the State Coat of Arms was authorized by the General Assembly in 1799. An act of the General Assembly of June 13, 1907, standardized the flag and required that the blue field match the blue of Old Glory. Pennsylvania goes by the nicknames: The Keystone State, and The Quaker State.
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Information and history of the state of Pennsylvania

Rich in history, the Pennsylvania territory was disputed in the early 1600s. England acquired the region in 1664 with the capture of New York, and in 1681 Pennsylvania was granted to William Penn by King Charles II.

Philadelphia was the seat of the federal government from 1776 to 1800; there the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 and the U.S. Constitution drawn up in 1787. Valley Forge, of Revolutionary War fame, and Gettysburg, site of the pivotal battle of the Civil War, are both in Pennsylvania. The Liberty Bell is located in a glass pavilion across from Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania's rich heritage draws billions of tourist dollars annually.

Some Pennsylvania Symbols

1. State Bird 2. State Mammal 3. State Flower 4. State Fish 5. State Insect
6. State Tree 7. State Beverage 8. State Fossil 9. State Soil 10. State Theater
  1. Ruffed Grouse - The ruffed grouse was designated the official state bird of Pennsylvania in 1931.
  2. White-tailed Deer - Pennsylvania designated the white-tailed deer as official state animal in 1959. The white underside of the deer's tail waves when running and is flashed as a warning when danger is sensed.
  3. Mountain Laurel - Mountain laurel was designated as Pennsylvania's official state flower in 1933. Mountain laurel is an evergreen shrub native to the eastern United States.
  4. Brook Trout - The beautiful brook trout was designated official state fish of Pennsylvania in 1970. The only trout native to Pennsylvania; the Brook Trout lives under water conditions that are cool, clean and pure.
  5. Firefly - The firefly was designated the official state insect of Pennsylvania in 1974. A small, unremarkable beetle by day, fireflies can transform a midsummer night into a fairyland of tiny, brilliant twinkling lights - a wonder of nature.
  6. Eastern Hemlock Tree - The hemlock was designated official state tree of Pennsylvania in 1931.
  7. Milk - Milk was designated the official state beverage of Pennsylvania in 1982. Pennsylvania is the fifth largest producer of milk in the United States.
  8. Trilobite - Trilobite was designated the state fossil of Pennsylvania in 1988.
  9. Hazleton Soil - Hazleton soils occur in half of the counties of the state in woodland, cropland, hay and pastureland.
  10. Walnut Street Theatre - The Walnut Street Theater was designated the official state theater of Pennsylvania in 1999. Built nearly 200 years ago in 1809, the Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia is the oldest theater in the United States and has reflected the development of American theater during its long history.

Did you know?

  • Betsy Ross made the first American flag in Philadelphia.
  • Hershey is considered the Chocolate Capital of the United States.
  • In Hazleton, there is a law on the books that prohibits a person from sipping a carbonated drink while lecturing students in a school auditorium.
  • Philadelphia was once the United States capital city.
  • Benjamin Franklin founded the Philadelphia Zoo, the first public zoo in the United States.
  • In 1946 Philadelphia became home to the first computer.
  • The Rockville Bridge in Harrisburg is the longest stone arch bridge in the world.
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