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Vermont State Flags & Banners

Vermont State Flags & Banners available in all sizes in nylon and polyester.
Vermont gained statehood on March 4, 1791, becoming the 14th state in the union. Vermont has the nickname The Green Mountain State. Verd Mont was a name given to the Green Mountains in October, 176l, by the Rev. Dr. Peters, the first clergyman who paid a visit to the 30,000 settlers in that country.
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Information and history of the state of Vermont

Vermont was claimed by France during its early colonial period. France ceded the territory to the Kingdom of Great Britain after being defeated in 1763 in the French and Indian War.

Settlers prevailed in creating an independent state, the Vermont Republic. Founded in 1777 during the Revolutionary War, the republic lasted for fourteen years. Aside from the Thirteen Colonies, Vermont is one of only four U.S. states to have been a sovereign state in its past. In 1791, Vermont joined the United States as the 14th state, the first in addition to the original 13 Colonies.

Some Vermont Symbols

1. State Bird 2. State Fruit 3. State Flower 4. State Fish 5. State Insect
6. State Tree 7. State Mineral 8. State Gem 9. State Reptile 10. State Animal
  1. Hermit Thrush - The hermit thrush was designated the official state bird of Vermont in 1941.
  2. Apple -Vermont designated the apple as official state fruit in 1999.
  3. Red Clover - Vermont designated red clover as the state flower in 1894.
  4. Brook Trout -Vermont designated brook trout as the official state cold-water fish in 1978
  5. Honeybee - Vermont designated the honeybee as official state insect in 1978.
  6. Sugar Maple - The sugar maple was designated the state tree of Vermont in 1949
  7. Talc - Vermont designated talc as the official state mineral in 1991.
  8. Grossular Garnet - Vermont designated the grossular garnet as official state gem in 1991.
  9. Painted Turtle - Vermont designated the painted turtle as official state reptile in 1994.
  10. Morgan Horse - The beautiful Morgan Horse was adopted as the state horse of Vermont in 1961.

Did you know?

  • With a population of fewer than nine thousand people, Montpelier, Vermont is the smallest state capital in the U.S.
  • Montpelier, Is the largest producer of maple syrup in the U.S.
  • Vermont does not sell alcohol to out of state licenses, you must have a liquor ID in order to purchase alcohol at liquor stores and grocery stores. This doesn't apply to bars but can affect those traveling through the state.
  • Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream company gives their ice cream waste to the local Vermont farmers who use it to feed their hogs. The hogs seem to like all of the flavors except Mint Oreo.
  • U.S. President Calvin Coolidge was the only president born on the fourth of July. Born in Plymouth 7/4/1872.
  • Vermont's state capitol building is one of only a few to have a gold dome. Atop the dome is a statue of Ceres.
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