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Mother's Day Flags and Decorations

Make your mother's day with a hand picked gift.

Mother's Day was created in the United States by Anna Jarvis when she first held a memorial for her mother in 1908. She began a campaign to make Mother's Day a holiday and succeeded in 1914. Other countries have adopted the holiday and it is celebrated in March, April, or May. Mother's Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May in the United States.

Mother's Day is all about raining down respect and love to the women who helped shaped you as you grow. It is meant to honor mothers and motherhood, the maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. A mother doesn't have to be biological - it can be an adoptive parent, an aunt, and even a grandmother. Give your mother a special, one of a kind mother's day gift this year.

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Learn more about the history of Mother's Day in the U.S. at Wikipedia; Mother's Day (U.S.).

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