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Colorful String Pennants

Colorful string pennant flags (also known as string flags or pennant strings) are a great way to catch a person's attention. They flutter and fly in the wind, catching the sunlight and creating an instant "look at me" moment. String pennants are great for multiple functions - advertising, grand openings, birthday parties, sports events, restricted access areas, and as backstroke flags. String pennant flags are available in a large array of colors so that you can match up the colors you need with your event. Made in the USA!

If you don't see your color combo already made up, don't fret. Give us a call or use our handy Custom Order Request for the colors you need. Looking for American Flag themed string pennant flags? Check out these patriotic string pennants!

To see our complete line of string and single pennants visit our Pennants page.

More about string pennants and string flags:

  • Pennants are flags and banners used to display awards, celebratory messages, team spirit, and serve basic decorative purposes. Pennants are generally triangular but other shapes can be found as well, the pennants on this page however deal only with decorative uses.
  • The two most popular pennant shapes are the triangle and chevron, but some pennants may come in rectangular shapes or as miniature flags as well. (Check out our patriotic string pennants for other flag based or patriotic designs.)
  • The most common decorative use for string flags or string pennants is on car lots, generally to catch attention and highlight specific segments of the lot.
  • Decorative pennant flags or string flags are sometimes used as part of room designs to create a streamer-type banner effect.
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