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Wood dowel

Wood dowels Sold By The Foot. An economic crossbar in presentations or as a lead pole in parades. Each diameter pole has a minimum length due to tensile strength while in use. Length Maximums for Dowels is 4 ft.

If you have questions regarding which dowel diameter and length you should use on your project call us at: 1-800-445-0653.

Mobile users: to view the grid properly, use the Columns down arrow to add columns or flip your device sideways. 

  • FBPP0000012925
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SKU:  Material Size Price Quantity Status
CPOLE38DOWEL Wood 3/8 in. $1.87 In Stock
CPOLE14DOWEL Wood 1/4 in. Diameter $0.80 In Stock
CPOLE1DOWEL Wood 1 in. Diameter $2.75 In Stock
CPOLE138DOWEL Wood 1-3/8 in. $3.01 In Stock
CPOLE12DOWEL Wood 1/2 in. Diameter $1.60 In Stock
CPOLE516DOWEL Wood 5/16 in. $2.71 In Stock
CPOLE114DOWEL Wood 1-1/4 in. $3.50 In Stock

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