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Brave Voices

Brave Magazine Editors Note Header
Volume 8 Issue 1 Spring-Summer 2023

By Arwen Dover

When my boss, Kerry McCoy, started her radio show Up In Your Business in 2016, my team and I were nervous. We were not trained for radio. Kerry was considerably more nervous than we were. Though she’s grown to be a great speaker, this was new territory for her, too. She bravely put her voice out to the radio listeners and focused on her guest. Today, she has over 300 podcast episodes to listen to with a plethora of guests and topics to choose from.

In this issue, we have gathered stories that include some of Kerry’s podcast guests who also bravely put their voice out into the world.

  • Gratitude Café shows us how the simple act of hospitality can break down barriers. Bonus coffee recipe for when you’re feeling adventurous.
  • Zap! is a story of one man’s passion for collecting vintage toy ray guns. After reading his story, I want to see a photo gallery!
  • Balance Babes and Balance Bros gives us a new take on body and mind self-improvement. New Year, New You can start anytime of the year.
  • Travel with us as we take a trip to America’s only diamond mine where you can actually dig your own diamonds! Road trip to the Crater of Diamonds!
  • Have you seen the flag of Bhutan? Fun With Flags tells us why the dragon is holding those jewels.
  • You’ve seen the flags everywhere. Our In The News gives us some history of the humble two-color flag of Ukraine.
  • Anyone watching Hot Ones on YouTube? You’ll want to read Chile Pepper to learn about the plant that makes those wings so spicy. And you’ll learn a different form of broadcasting.
  • Last but not least, Kerry shares her wisdom on what makes her grateful every day. Hint: It takes some practice. 

Stay Brave Brave mini flag,

Arwen Dover

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