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Burning candle

The Founding Family | Editor's Note

Volume 7 Issue 2 Fall-Winter 2020
By Madison Monroe

The past six months, with everything on lock down, weekends became a very isolated, lonely time with little to do. I rambled around, cleaning out drawers and closets and discovered two suitcases full of old (and I mean ancient) photographs and yellowed newspaper clippings. On my dining room table, I assembled a photographic ancestry tree along with corresponding newspaper articles and obituaries of each person. This led me to ancestry.com where I began to input what I knew and WAHLAH all those little leaves appeared with the fathers and mothers of my great and great-great grandparents. To date, I am able to trace back to the early 1700’s on both my maternal grandmother and grandfather’s sides of the family. While this ancestry endeavor occupied my weekends, I still looked forward to Mondays when I would return to work to connect to a different kind of family…my work family.

As Kerry penned in a blog earlier this year, our employee roster reads like the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy! Besides all the mother/son, father/son relationships around here, there are friendships that were forged decades ago and employees that have been here everyday for years upon years. Spending that much time with the same people brings with it a sense of family. We have supported each other in births, hospitalizations, deaths, wreaks, marriages, divorces, battling disease and celebrating wellness. In a small company, your co-workers become your kith and kin; and during this time of isolation, I am so glad we have each other.

In this Brave, we thought we would introduce you to the founding family of FlagandBanner.com…the glue that bonds us together. 

Be Brave, brave flag

Madison Monroe

Brave Fall Winter 2020 Cover

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