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The Grady Outdoors 

Volume 7 Issue 2 Fall-Winter 2020
By Madison Monroe, Editor

G rady was working as a bus boy in a neighborhood restaurant when he met Kerry. Their mutual attraction was magnetic and combustible. They dated throughout Grady’s college years. He spent his freshman year in Fayetteville, but transferred back to Little Rock the next year, distance being the enemy of young love. By his senior year, they married and the next year had their first son, Gray.

Upon graduation, Grady went to work for an investment banking company while Kerry continued to grow Arkansas Flag and Banner and their family. On July 3, 1990, a second son was born, Matthew. Born so close to the 4th of July (the biggest flag holiday all year) it is ironic that Matthew still dons a shock of red hair! By 1992, Grady joined Kerry in the business. You would think that working and living together, the relationship might cool. You would be wrong! Son number three was born in 1994. Grady's three sons

If you know anything about Grady McCoy, it is he loves the great outdoors…hunting, fishing, boating (even mowing the lawn) if it is outdoors, Grady loves it. Beach, woods, lakes, mountains, mention any of these and he is in!

So, it makes sense that he would My Three Sons carve his niche in the company as the flagpole and installation expert. You can find him supervising the crew during onsite flagpole installations and giving his years of experience to buyers on the phone as he extracts information to make the perfect product recommendation.

Although years and maturity has dampened Grady’s Irish fire, there is no one else you want in your corner when an order goes south, or a customer becomes disgruntled. He has a way of diffusing the situation without ever throwing the employee under the bus. Very often, he is the calm in the midst of the storm, the level head in the throes of the battle. brave flag

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Grady, the flagpole expert

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