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FlagandBanner.com employees work together to lower the flag

Editor's Note: In the Shadow of the Flag

Madison Monroe, Brave Magazine EditorThere are brave untold stories everywhere. Telling them has always been the mission of this magazine. When deliberating the concept for this edition, I thought about all the names with which award acceptance speeches are peppered: the people behind the scenes. The ones upon whose shoulders the award winner stands; the ones in their shadow.

In downtown Little Rock, an 80-foot flagpole towers above the FlagandBanner.com building proudly displaying a 15 x 25 foot American flag. In this edition, you will read one of the brave stories of those who work in the shadow of that flag. It is the common thread woven through the articles of this edition. The quiet heroes that seek not adulation of crowds, but move with honor and integrity quietly through their lives. They touch us in unknown, countless ways.

Look for some fun activities to attend on our Travel and Event pages and learn what each fold of the American flag represents. In such a divisive time in our nation’s political landscape, exploring the wisdom of our traditions around our flag serves to unite us as one nation regardless of which side of the isle you stand.

In our recap of an Up in Your Business with Kerry McCoy radio show, the Rev. Dr. Stuart Hoke will touch you with his memories of a day we stood as one.

As I age, I become more aware of the great good fortune I have experienced from having merely been born an American. Our nation’s good and hard times–equally important in creating this tapestry of patriotism–are the backdrop to all of our lives.

What thread do you contribute? 

Be Brave,
Madison Monroe 

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